Monday, November 10, 2008

Return to Glory

Well, the time has come to stand from the couch, jump into a fine pair of running shorts, and get back into training for a marathon.

My brother is hitting 6 minute miles. He finished a half-marathon in 1:40. I'm clearly falling behind the curve.

As probably none of you know, I'm at Fort Sill right now training with the Army in phase two of my officer course. Tomorrow I have a 10 mile ruck march with a 40 pound pack. I still recall my experience running the marathon in Vegas, and that memory makes me very confident for this cheerful morning walk.

But this message isn't about the Army. This is about Thanksgiving.

And the Turkey Trot.

Though I can't do much more than run a bit at the FOB for training, I am running a 10K with my brother before devouring my weight in stuffing.

And that's just the beginning.

Not this year, but next, I will return to Las Vegas with one goal.

To run another marathon.

And then, perhaps, to finally rock the Winn Buffet.