Monday, September 10, 2007

Fitness Time

The Army Physical Fitness test is a combination of three events employed to evaluate the general physical strength and endurance of a soldier.

The three events are:

The push-up event.

The sit-up event.

The two-mile run.

For the first two events, each soldier has two minutes to complete the workout and must maintain good form throughout.

The third event is excatly what it sounds like.

The maximum score you can reach is 300, with 100 in each event. For three years I have been trying to get there, but my run has always held me back.

This year will be different.

I say "will" because today's PT test did not go so differently. That isn't to say I didn't do well.

I scored 100% in the push-up event with a score of 79, 100% in the sit-up event with a score of 89, and my overall run time was 13:49, 88%.

A score of 288/300 ain't too shabby, considering I haven't been practicing for real speed with my workouts.

What this test taught me is a change I will employ in my own training.

My target pace for the speed workouts has been 3:33 per 800m, or about a 7:06 mile.

From now on, I shoot for a 6:20 mile or faster.

School calls, and I have sushi waiting for me to eat it.

Run fasterest.

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