Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Need for Speed

My training schedule has been thrown off a bit, due mainly to my ROTC obligations.

This doesn't mean I haven't been training.

On Friday, for a bit of sport I led the Alpha ability group in a four mile run.

In the Army, we divide soldiers into groups based on ability for physical training. The fastest group, Alpha, usually runs a two mile course in 13 minutes or less.

Most of my guys ran the two mile in 12 or less.

For those of you who missed my last post, I only ran in 13:49.

Needless to say, these guys were booking it.

We maintained a pace of 6:50 for all four miles, which for me meant a solid run at 80% speed for nearly a half hour. When we finished, I felt great, despite the pain in my chest and legs.

My ankle still works, which is even better.

Tomorrow I will strap water to my back and tape to my nips and run 16 miles at a pace of 9 minutes per mile. This will get me back into the workout proper, though I have some catching up to do.

Until then...

Run fasterest.

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