Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Adding Hurdles to a Marathon

It would appear I have a stress fracture.

These are minor inconveniences compared to traumatic fractures, and can heal relatively quickly giving enough time and space. Sure, they hurt as though someone ran a hot iron through my foot, but I can still walk.

I will say that it takes an awful lot to bring me down. I have a stubborn will and often go past the point of physical safety when it comes to injuries.

This is something I won't play with.

About two years ago I had the same injury, and I tried to keep running. I nearly turned a semi-serious injury into a really serious one. Surgery was the option had I continued to pester the finicky appendage.

So I'm taking some time off from running, doing cross training and weight exercises instead. I've been moving into my new place for the past week (yes, it takes that long) so I haven't been able to post anything, but I will get back on the horse soon enough.

I am a little more apprehensive about the martahon now, as I am missing key workouts. I will still fly to Vegas in December--the tickets are already in the mail--and I will have no other way to get from the start to the finish.

I'll just have to run.

In the army, they say that you can plan for months and months and have it all go to hell in the span of two seconds, just enough time to say "Oh" and "crap." When that happens, you use your training, get flexible, and continue driving on.

The battle doesn't stop because your plan didn't work.

I'm still gonna run a marathon iinside of 15 weeks. The mission ain't over yet.

Run fasterest, ya'll, and thanks for the support.

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Amy said...

So sorry to hear about your stress fracture. They can be painful and a pain in the butt. Enjoy your cross training, you still have a good number weeks until the marathon.