Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Ass is Sore

Better late than never, that's what I say.

I missed my cross training on Friday due to a packing situation. Basically I had to pack and found myself buried under an avalanche of boxes and clothes.

Today I went down to the gym with the idea that I would conquer the damn rowing machine. I had thought it all out in my mind and had a solid gameplan.

I would get on the machine and work out.

OK, so it wasn't a soild gameplan, but it was a plan, and I do play games, so I guess it all works out.

I spent 25 minutes on a quick weight workout, making sure I let my shoulders rest for the rowing. After working up a good sweat, I sauntered over to the machine and set out to claim my victory.

The machine put up a damn solid fight.

Here's how I broke it down:

3 minutes easy row (34 s/m) followed by one minute hard (44 s/m)
I repeated this in two 10 minute sets, making sure I was working hard enough to keep my ehart pounding.

Afterwards I had a serious ache in my glutemous region.

I finished the day with an ab murder session and some light stretching.

Now I get to look forward to my first long run tomorrow, the 13 miler.

Lord have mercy on me.

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Amy said...

Oh man, that picture and title have me laughing so hard I can barely type. Great post! Glad you won the battle/war (not sure which one)