Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh Crap

So it's Thursday, a day I should be feeling very good about.

This Wedensday I found out I was going to be the S-3 for the Charles River Battalion.

That means nothing to you, so let me translate: I am in charge of ALL training for Boston ROTC cadets. It means long hours, no credit, and lots of angry officers trying to rip me a new one.

But it means the cadre here thinks I can handle it, which makes me very happy.

Unfortunately, I did not do my Key Workout Two, the medium run.

Yesterday, during my cross training, I felt my ankle twinge. I was unable to complete my cross training as my ankle starting to worsen, almost swelling.

I spent the night elevating and icing my ankle, my today it was still sore and tender during quick movements. This meant I did not run my 7 miles.

But I am not about to give up. I'm going to run tomorrow, come hell or high water. If worse comes to worse, I will wrap my foot in steel bands so it won't hurt (as much) and run my freaking run.

I don't want to increase the injury, so I'm going to give it plenty of rest tonight, but this worries me a bit.

If I fail to make my run tomorrow, I can try to run on Saturday, which will mean I'll push my LONG run (17 miles) to Monday, and pick up with the training, only missing out on two days of cross training.

I intentionally kept a cushion in my training in case this happened, so I don't think is going to screw me, but it isn't very pleasant.

In any case, I must rest. I have a move in day from hell coming up.

Run fasterest.


Tom said...

Good luck with your ROTC duty. It's important.

You have a good mindset about being flexible with your training. Hopefully the ankle is improving and you'll be able to get back on track.

I enjoy your sense of humor on your site.

Joey Korenman said...

Take it easy buddy. If your ankle is injured do NOT try to run on it. If you have to, take an entire week off. The downside of running on damaged joints is WAAAY worse than the downside of skipping a week of running. Trust me. You can still cross-train.