Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well That's a Fine Sensation

I often ignore problems until they become something of a critical issue.

Case in point, I had a sore ankle about two years ago. I thought it was just overstressed, and figured that pretending it didn't exist would make the whole thing better.

You can imagine what happened next.

Actually, some of you might not have the best imaginations, so let me guide you along.

I was running a two-mile sprint with my ROTC buddies when my right foot suddenly exploded. Not literally, but enough so that I fell down.

My friends thought I'd tripped, but my foot had just stiffened up and decided pain was the new craze. I thought I'd broken my foot.

And I was close.

I had a hairline fracture running through my foot, and I let it get worse and worse by continually running on it.

Since then, I take better care of injuries, or at least ones involving similar pain.

Today I ran my fourth key workout, the speed workout. Here was the goal.

4 x 800 meters @ 3:33

Here's what happened.

I had a stomach issue, which increased my DPD to near deadly levels (with a Rosenstein Scale of 2). I ignored it, figuring that eating my roommate's spicy chili would calm down my tumultuous tum.

And again, I was wrong.

I ran my first half mile without a hitch, taking a 2 minute breather in between. The second half-mile was nearly the same speed. Around this time, I felt like my stomach had exploded.

I laid down and did lamaze for a few minutes until my contractions were back down to three centimeters (if that's HUGE, forgive me. I don't know pregnancy so well)

I got my music back on and ran another halfer, but again, my stomach wanted to run too (and you can guess what else was thinking about "runs")

After nearly ruining one of my ever dwindling pairs of running shorts, I felt well-enough to run one last time.

Now, I've been trying to max my PT test with the Army for three years. The run has always been my Achillies Heel. The fastest I ever ran two miles was 13:40.

I thought about how badly I wanted to run faster, and I tore off down the track, Slipknot's "My Plague" blasting in my head.

And damn if I didn't shave ten seconds off my time.

Here's the breakdown.

1 - 3:21
2 - 3:23
3 - 3:25
4 - 3:13

I am going to tend to my stomach, and the massive chafe that has occured in secret since my 13-mile jog.

Just a heads-up: I'm going to be away for the next few days, so my posts on my cross training and second key workout might be delayed until Friday, but I guarantee to do them.

Stay motivated, run fasterest.

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