Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Old Man Knees

I have the knees of an 80-year-old man.

This is something I've come to terms with. I understand my arthritic joints and they, in turn, cause me massive pain as often as possible.

Usual I push through the aching and stiffness and make my body work for me.

With a half-marathon, not so.

Today I ran my third key workout today, the 13 mile, half marathon run at a pace of 9:16.

I began today by waking up late, which is basically the usual way I start any day. I got out of bed by 8 and had my gear ready twenty minutes later. I ate a gel power pack (which actually gave me a little boost) and headed out with a camelback and an iPod full of music.

From my start point on the Esplanade (along the Charles River) I started jogging, probably ahead of my pace by about five seconds. I got lost a few times, taking turns I didn't need and crossing the river twice.

After about an hour, I turned around, realized I'd gone a bit too far. I passed my brother running his own speedy pace, with girlfriend Amy skating alongside.

We both agreed that running in 88 degrees and 70% humidity was not the best move.

As I finished up my run, my knees decided to explode. I had to stop a few times, walking off some painful IT Band stretches.

Still, stretching never felt so good, and the reheated lo mein I'm eating right now is hitting the freaking spot.

Now let's see how it all feels tomorrow.


kelsalynn said...

I hate my knees. They hate me. Forget a love-hate relationship, we're all hate-hate.

Great job on your 13-mile run!


Amy said...

Hope the knees spring back for you for your next run. They can be as set in their ways and tempermental as the old person in your post- so treat them nicely or they will refuse to go up stairs or place you gracefully in a chair.

Tom said...

Good job on your run.

Knees have split personality too. Mine are fine going up stairs and then they fail me going down. I go to bed thinking we're getting along and then wake up and they're gnarly and protesting.

Looking forward to reading you regularly and following your progress.